AGI seismic fixture clamps

How to Install the Seismic Fixture Clamp (SFC)

Apply these following steps to provide positive attachment of light fixtures to suspended ceiling grids:

  1. Orient the SFC1s at the end of the lighting fixture. The label should face the end of the lighting fixture - not the side.
    Watch the 1 minute 30 second video at right.
  2. Gently lift up one end of the lighting fixture.
  3. Place the first SFC1 onto one end corner of the lighting fixture.
  4. Place the second SFC1 onto the other end corner of the lighting fixture. Lower the lighting fixture's end back onto the T-bar.
  5. The lighting fixture corner lip now rests snugly on top of the SFC1's flange and the SFC1 sits on top of the T-bar corner.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 for the lighting fixture's other end corner.
  7. Use a power drill to insert the screw into the pilot hole in the SFC. Screw the self-tapping screw to the SFC1, label side first. If the screw penetrates the fixture, drilling a 1/8" pilot hole through the SFC into the fixture prior to installing the screw will help ease the task.
    Screw the SFCs at the other 3 corners to complete the SFC installation.

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 AGI SFC product family

The lighting fixture is suspended to the ceiling grid by Seismic Fixture Clamps (SFC) at all four corners to ensure that it is earthquake safe.

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How to install SFC