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Seismic Fixture Clamp (SFC) Meets Code

The Seismic Fixture Clamp (SFC) is the first device tested to meet the structural requirements of the ICC-ES AC 184 acceptance criteria.

SFC - What is it?   

The SFC is fabricated from No. 20 gage galvanized steel plate complying with ASTM A 653 SS Grade 33, with minimum yield and ultimate tensile strengths of 33 and 45 ksi (228 and 310 MPa), respectively. The steel plate is cold-formed to fit for attaching the lighting fixture (luminaire) to the main and cross runners of the suspended ceiling system.

SFC - What does it do?  

In a standard or fire rated suspended ceiling system, four SFCs are fitted at each of the four corners of the lighting fixture, attaching it to the T-Bar main and cross runners.

SFC - How does it work?

The combination of four clamps per fixture with two securing screws per clamp prevents the T-Bar main and cross runners from twisting and disconnecting at each corner. The manner in which the SFC fits about the light fixture at the four corners prevents the fixture from separating from the T-Bar framework forming a module between the two. With no possibility of separation between the lighting fixture and the T-Bar assembly, the lighting fixture will always be supported by the four hanger wires tied to the T-Bar system.

SFC - How does it hold together?  

The rated capacity of the SFC is 200 Lbs., tested in accordance with AC184. The SFC is designed to attached the lighting fixture to the T-Bar runners together to resist seismic and gravity loads without the need for additional back up chains or cables.

The video at right demonstrates how the SFC provides proper positive attachment for the lighting fixture as intended by the code and AC184.  

The Seismic Fixture Clamp (SFC) has been tested and meets all the requirements of AC184 without the need for two additional hanger wires.

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 AGI SFC product family

The lighting fixture is suspended to the ceiling grid by Seismic Fixture Clamps (SFC) at all four corners to ensure that it is earthquake safe.

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Lighting Fixture secured to lighting fixture with SFC.

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