AGI seismic fixture clamps

Is Industry Meeting AC184 for Positive Attachment ?

An effective way to attach lighting fixtures to suspended ceilings in Seismic Regions.

Lighting fixtures (luminaires) in suspended ceiling grids are typically installed as shown at top right.

In an earthquake, lighting fixtures insufficiently attached to the ceiling system could detach and break apart, causing the fixture lens and florescent tubes to fall and possibly harming and injuring the building occupants attempting to safely exit the building.

Watch what can happen to the lighting fixture in a simulated earthquake test shown at bottom right.

Learn how the patented Seismic Fixture Clamp (SFC) is the first effective ICC approved positive connection device proven to meet the Building Codes requirements.

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 AGI SFC product family

The lighting fixture is suspended to the ceiling grid by Seismic Fixture Clamps (SFC) at all four corners to ensure that it is earthquake safe.

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Lighting Fixture secured by 2 wires.

Simulated earthquake showing lighting fixtures can detach from the ceiling grid and disintegrate.