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AC184 Highlights

The highlights of the ICC (International Code Council-Evaluation Service) Acceptance Criteria AC184 are listed below:

  • Positive attachment devices are a requirement in the UBC, IBC and NEC Codes.
  • Testing - To satisfy the required structural capacity, static load testing of the positive attachment device connecting the lighting fixture and the suspended ceiling system are to be conducted with the load applied in the vertical directions, gravity and uplift, and two horizontal directions, longitudinal and transverse to the fixture.
  • Static Test - To meet the static load test acceptance criteria, clause requires the assembly to be tested to support a minimum ultimate load of 336 pounds (see photo at right). In addition, clause eliminates the need for the two additional back up hanger wires if the assembly is tested to support a minimum ultimate load of 600 pounds.
  • Dynamic Test - Dynamic test may also be conducted in accordance with the guidelines of AC156 on the module as define above.  In this test, to eliminate the need for the two additional hanger wires the test must meet these criteria:
    • Section - The light fixture remains attached to the suspended ceiling system.
    • Section - The main runners and cross runners remain attached by the devices at each corner of the fixture.
    • Section - The plastic light diffuser and fluorescent tubes of the light fixtures remain in place and intact.

Watch the video at right to see how a properly installed lighting fixture will remain attached to the ceiling grid in a simulated earthquake.

The above highlights are extracted from the ICC-ES Acceptance Critera AC184 report. show ICC-ES AC184 report

Is the building industry meeting the AC184 requirement?

 AGI SFC product family

The lighting fixture is suspended to the ceiling grid by Seismic Fixture Clamps (SFC) at all four corners to ensure that it is earthquake safe.

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Lighting Fixture secured by 2 wires.

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