AGI seismic fixture clamps

How the Seismic Fixture Clamp (SFC) Works

The industry's usual practice has been to attach the lighting fixture to the ceiling grid by means of four screws, one at each corner. In case the screws fail, there are two back up wires installed to prevent the fixture from falling onto the floor.

The SFC is the first product certified for use in earthquake zones to secure lighting fixtures to ceiling grids as originally intended by building code requirements.


Watch how the SFC's patented Unified Ceiling Module design (Patent No. 6,029,414) secures the lighting fixture to the ceiling grid and ensures that the ceiling grid and the light fixture behaves as one in a simulated earthquake shown at right.


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 AGI SFC product family

The lighting fixture is suspended to the ceiling grid by Seismic Fixture Clamps (SFC) at all four corners to ensure that it is earthquake safe.

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Lighting fixture attached according to industry practice.

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